Self-storage Units

We have a range of sizes of storage units. It is best to avoid taking on more space than you need. If you rent a smaller unit and then find that you need more space we can arrange a trade-up or similarly a trade down if necessary. To find out more phone us on: 020 7738 3381. All prices include VAT.

Available Units

Smaller units

Period Price
Monthly £84
Quarterly £198
Weekly* £15.23

For personal stuff where there isn't much furniture these units work well - they are approx. 4ft by 5ft in floor area but they are still the full height (9ft).

Quarter size

Period Price
Monthly £120
Quarterly £300
Weekly* £23.08

Our most popular unit is approx. 10ft by 4ft giving a total of 40 square feet. 

Half size

Period Price
Monthly £168
Quarterly £438
Weekly* £33.69

We have a unit which is half the length but otherwise the same so its dimensions are 10ft by 8ft (80 square feet).

* The weekly price shown is the weekly equivalent based on the quarterly rate. Minimum initial rental is one month.

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