Our Terms


We do need a small deposit but this is fully refundable when you leave and is usually £50.

Monthly Charging

Our charges are for calendar months rather than per 28 day period. This contrasts with some companies we have heard of and makes our costs about 8% cheaper than the equivalent charges for 28 day periods.

What happens when you want to leave?

You need give only 7 days' notice of leaving and if you have already paid beyond your leaving date we will refund you fully for the time you haven't used. We will also return your deposit promptly when you return the keys, assuming that the unit is empty and clean.

Our Philosophy

We are providing a service to you and we want to help. Our units are designed to be what you need and our prices are significantly lower than the larger warehouse-type operations. We have set our terms so that they are flexible and quite easy-going (as long as you pay!). Dulwich Storage has been around for about 30 years and we hope to be here for a lot longer based on the simple philosophy of having the storage space you want and being here to help.

Full terms and conditions are contained in our agreement.

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